Launch update for ATG community

Launch update for ATG community

We regret to inform the community we will have to postpone the PCS launch scheduled for today. At first thought, this will raise many doubts but rest assured we are doing everything in our capacity to ensure that we are trading on the market asap.

What is the reason for this delay? 1) Our accounting team that has been processing your contributions and assisting with the pre-sale has identified an issue with our referral system. The bonus system was working fine until the commissions were raised from 10% to 25%. As a result of this there are about 55M ATG tokens in the limbo right now which need to be rewarded to our referral participants. We had initially made the decision to proceed and launch regardless of this minor issue but we later agreed that it would unfair to our referral reward participants. It’s only fair that all ATG holders receive their tokens promptly at launch and that no single holder is left behind waiting for their tokens to be airdropped. Referral program participants are a big reason for our pre-sale success, they have worked just as hard as the team to spread our brand through various network which has helped grow our community to over 11,000 members and 2200+ holders.

The good news is our team has already started to process the missing tokens to the individuals with missing balances and this will be resolved in no less than 48 hours.

To offset this delay, our team will be conducting a token burn of 50M $ATG tokens tonight at 11PM UTC. This means 5% of the total supply will now be burned prior to launch. We will share info regarding this burn later tonight.

Please note that scammers will use this opportunity to their advantage and you may see multiple fake pools open up on PCS. DO NOT BUY those tokens. The official launch time will only be provide by the ATG team via our blog section or announcement on telegram.

If you’ve participated in the pre-sale and are still missing tokens, please ensure to submit your token purchase form or contact @jackastrox or @JamesArthur15

Let’s utilize this time to best prepare for our upcoming launch, please refrain from spreading negativity, we are still here to support you and will try our best to maximize profits for all ATG holders.

Thank you! – ATG team.