ATGx Swap and Presale Event

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Note: Only ATG accepted as payment method.

Steps to participate:

1) Buy ATG from:
Slippage: 4-5%
Swap/Presale Allocation: 50M ATGx

2) Enter or Login to payment dashboard:

3) Contribute ATG for ATGx

4) Fill purchase form with all your details including TXID

5) ATGx will appear on your dashboard after it is approved by team, typically within 5-10 mins.

Swap/Presale Rate: 10 ATG = 1 ATGx
Minimum Purchase: 1000 ATG
Maximum Purchase: 25M ATG
Referral Commision: 15%
Pancakeswap Listing Price: 10% More than Presale/swap Price
Pancakeswap Listing: September 20th 2022 ATGx/BNB Pair

ATG and ATGx will be available for staking and farming on ATGBank

ATG Airdrop Details: Random snapshot will be taken between now until Sept 28th 2022. 100M ATGx allocated for airdrop.

To participate:

You must be holding ATG in your wallet until Sept 28th 6PM UTC, random balance snapshot will be taken by team to ensure no one takes advantage.
Airdrop will be distributed Oct 10th 2022.

ATGx Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 100M
Swap/Presale: 50M
Airdrop: 10M
Liquidity 20M
Staking/CEX: 20M
Rewards: 2% ATG reward
Slippage: 2-3%
Launch date: Sept 20th 2022

Bonus events may be offered, commission bonus may fluctuate, No refunds, 10% of ATG contributed will be burnt. The remaining 90% will be converted to BNB strategically. Accelerated buyback program initiated during event, guaranteed 1 buyback per day.

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